Net Force 04 Ultimate Escape
Tom Clancy; Steve Pieczenik
Berkley (MM) (2002)
In Collection
Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Computer Crimes, Computers, Kidnapping/ Fiction, Science Fiction
Paperback 9780425169391
The Net Force fights all criminal activity on-line. But a group of teen experts knows just as much about computers as their adult superiors. They are the Net Force Explorers. Julio Cortez has left the Net Force Explorers to move with his family to a new home. But when he and his family are held hostage, the team has to convince the world that Julio's in danger. And if no one will listen, they'll do anything to rescue the Cortez family themselves!
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LoC Classification CPBBoxno.1471 .vol. 17
Cover Price $4.99
No. of Pages 181
Height x Width 6.7 x 4.2  inch
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Owner Chuck Dinkins
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