Phule Me Twice (Phule's Company)
Robert Asprin; Peter J. Heck
Ace (2000)
In Collection
Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
Life On Other Planets - Fiction, Phule&apos, Robots - Fiction, S Company (Fictitious Characters) - Fiction
Paperback 9780441007912
When the planet Zenobia is invaded, Captain Willard Phule is made military advisor. The first priority for Phule's Company: staying out from underfoot of the peaceful, dinosaurlike Zenobians. But unbeknownst to the Zenobians, they're getting two Phules for the price of one as a robot double of Captain Phule appears out of nowhere.
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LoC Classification CPBBoxno.1850 .vol. 7
Dewey 813.54
Cover Price $6.99
No. of Pages 320
Height x Width 6.7 x 4.1  inch