Prostho Plus
Piers Anthony
Tor Books (1986)
In Collection
Science Fiction
Dentists, Fiction / Science Fiction / General, Interstellar Travel, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, American
Paperback 9780812531169
What's keeping you from your grand tour of the universe? Are you afraid of being caught out in the vastness of space with a painful cavity and no one capable of fixing it? Well fear not--the galaxy is simply teeming with dentists!For Dr. Dillingham, dentist of Earth, it was the shock of his life--captured by aliens, forced to fix a strange cavity in an even stranger mouth; then whisked off to deep space. But luckily for the good dentist, Dillingham discovered that he liked zooming about the galaxy, solving unprecedented problems and making new and decidedly different acquaintances. And when he was offered the chance to apply to the Galactic University of Dentistry as Earth's first (and only) applicant, Dillingham had a choice to make: go back to his safe little world of bored housewives and miles of braces, or make a mark for mankind among the teeth of the stars.It was really no choice at all.
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Dewey 813.54
Cover Price $2.95
No. of Pages 216
Height x Width 6.9 x 4.2  inch
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