Quick-Ref Owners
Randall Bell
Owners Manual Press (2005)
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Encyclopedias And Dictionaries, Fiction / General, Law / Property, Reference / Personal & Practical Guides
Paperback 9780974452142
In the complex, speedy modern world, there's lots to learn, but precious little time to learn it in. A down-and-dirty tip sheet would be a huge advantage. Owners Manual offers quick reference on everything from feng shui, to algebra, to money management and finance, providing help for anyone who has ever needed to learn a lot in a little time. Heading to a first baseball game? Owners Manual has the basics on several sports. Need a refresher on dining etiquette for a big dinner? The answer is in this book. Trying to place a call to Estonia? Owners Manual can help. More than just facts and figures, this title features a full chapter on making goals and meeting them, and another chapter on managing finances to keep out of debt, or get out of it. A primer on hundreds of topics, Owners Manual is packed with necessary information for getting through life.
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