Amy Neustein - Mobile Environments, Call Centers and Clinics
Advances in Speech Recognition
Springer (2010)
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Computers / General, Computers / Natural Language Processing, Computers / Social Aspects / Human-Computer Interaction, Computers / Speech & Audio Processing, Computers / User Interfaces
e-Book 9781441959508
This volume is comprised of contributions from eminent leaders in the speech industry, and presents a comprehensive and in depth analysis of the progress of speech technology in the topical areas of mobile settings, healthcare and call centers. The material addresses the technical aspects of voice technology within the framework of societal needs, such as the use of speech recognition software to produce up-to-date electronic health records, not withstanding patients making changes to health plans and physicians. Included will be discussion of speech engineering, linguistics, human factors analysis, medical informatics, business and information technology, electronics and communications engineering, all integrated into a cohesive work.
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