Aaron Allston
Del Rey (2006)
In Collection
Fiction / Science Fiction / General, Fiction / War & Military, Skywalker, Luke (Fictitious Character)
e-Book 9781844133024
This is the era of Luke Skywalker's legacy: the Jedi Master has unified the order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights. However, as this era begins, planetary interests threaten to disrupt this time of relative peace and Luke is plagued by visions of an approaching darkness.Melding the galaxy into one cohesive political whole after the savage war with the Yuuzhan Vong is not the easiest task, and already some worlds are chafing under the demands of the new government. Civil war may be brewing, and the Skywalker-Solo clan find that they might not all be on the same side. Meanwhile, evil is rising again--out of the best intentions--and it looks like the legacy of the Skywalkers may come full circle...
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No. of Pages 400
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