Chuck's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Actor Plot  
Race To Witch Mountain 2009 98 mins Adventure; Family; Science Fiction; Fantasy Andy Fickman Carla Gugino; Dwayne Johnson; Annasophia Robb; Christine Lakin; Chris Marquette; Kim Richards; Tom Everett Scott; Cheech Marin; Alexander Ludwig; Ciarán Hinds; Ike Eisenmann; Garry Marshall; Meredith Salenger; Robert Torti; Tom Woodruff Jr. A taxi driver gets more than he bargained for when he picks up two teen runaways. Not only does the pair possess supernatural powers, but they're also trying desperately to escape people who have made them their targets. Details
The Recruit 2003 115 mins Thriller; Crime; Action Roger Donaldson Al Pacino; Colin Farrell; Bridget Moynahan; Gabriel Macht; Mike Realba; Karl Pruner; Ron Lea; Jessica Greco Of all the CIA operatives-in-training, James Clayton is the one young star agency veteran Walter Burke most wants to recruit. But James is far from grateful for the opportunity, even though he's the sharpest in his class. Before James can officially become an officer, however, he must prove he's worthy at the Farm, the CIA's secret training grounds, where he learns to watch his back and trust no one but himself. Details
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins 1985 121 mins Comedy; Thriller; Crime; Action Guy Hamilton Fred Ward; Joel Grey; Wilford Brimley; J.A. Preston; George Coe; Charles Cioffi; Kate Mulgrew; Patrick Kilpatrick; Michael Pataki When a street-smart NYPD cop (Fred Ward) regains consciousness after a bizarre mugging, he has a new face and a new identity! Now he's Remo Williams, the #1 recruit of a top-secret organization, and he's toppling evil at every turn – even atop the Statue of Liberty! Trained by a quirky Korean martial arts master (Joel Grey) to dodge bullets, brave terrifying heights and thwart attackers with his bare hands, Remo becomes the ultimate criminal exterminator. But when he faces off against a corrupt millionaire and his army of henchmen, the real adventure begins! Details
Rent 2005 135 mins Comedy; Drama; Musical; Romance Chris Columbus Anthony Rapp; Adam Pascal; Rosario Dawson; Jesse L. Martin; Wilson Jermaine Heredia; Idina Menzel; Tracie Thoms; Taye Diggs This rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. The story centers around Mark and Roger, two roommates. While a former tragedy has made Roger numb to life, Mark tries to capture it through his attempts to make a film. In the year that follows, the group deals with love, loss, AIDS, and modern day life. Details
The Riches: Season 1 2007 161 mins Comedy; Drama; Crime Guy Ferland; Peter O'Fallon Eddie Izzard; Minnie Driver; Gregg Henry; Shannon Marie Woodward; Margo Martindale; Bruce French; Noel Fisher; Todd Stashwick; Aidan Mitchell The Riches centers around the Malloys, a travelling family of con artists. Mom Dahlia (Minnie Driver) has just been paroled from a stint in prison and is dealing with a secret drug addiction; Dad Wayne (Eddie Izzard) has been continuing to run scams with the kids, but is beginning to question their lifestyle. A car accident provides the Malloys with a unique opportunity: to steal the identities of the Rich family, who were killed in the accident. Details
Robin Williams: Live On Broadway 2002 99 mins Comedy Marty Callner Robin Williams 2002 HBO Stand-up Special starring Robin Williams. Recorded and broadcast live from New Your City's Broadway Theater at the culmination of his historic 2002 sold-out tour, this special finds the Oscar-winning actor/writer/comedian returning after 16 years to his stand-up roots to deliver what the Washington Post calls " its madcap way, a seminal cultural event." Details
The Rock 1996 136 mins Thriller; Action Michael Bay Ed Harris; Sean Connery; Nicolas Cage; William Forsythe; Brendan Kelly; Michael Biehn; Vanessa Marcil; John C. McGinley; David Morse; Bokeem Woodbine; John Spencer; Gregory Sporleder; Tony Todd; Jim Maniaci; Greg Collins A group of renegade marine commandos seizes a stockpile of chemical weapons and takes over Alcatraz, with 81 tourists as hostages. Their leader demands $100 million to be paid, as restitution to families of Marines who died in covert ops. Otherwise, he will launch 15 rockets carrying deadly VX gas into the San Francisco Bay area. Details
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 100 mins Comedy; Horror; Science Fiction; Musical Jim Sharman Tim Curry; Susan Sarandon; Barry Bostwick; Richard O'Brien; Patricia Quinn; Nell Campbell; Jonathan Adams; Peter Hinwood; Charles Gray It's the weird and wonderful as newly engaged couple Brad and Janet encounter a problem when they car halts in the rain. They both look for contact only to find themselves at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter a transvestite. A place to stay is offered, but will Brad and Janet want to remain there? Especially when a large group of Transylvanians dance to the 'Time Warp', Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds his own man and a whole host of participation for the audience to enjoy. Details
Ronin 1998 121 mins Thriller; Crime; Action John Frankenheimer Sean Bean; Jean Reno; Robert De Niro; Natascha McElhone; Jonathan Pryce; Stellan Skarsgård; Katarina Witt; Skipp Sudduth; Michael Lonsdale; Jan Triska; Féodor Atkine; Bernard Bloch A briefcase with undisclosed contents -- sought by Irish terrorists and the Russian mob -- makes its way into criminals' hands. An Irish liaison assembles a squad of mercenaries, or ronin, charged with the thorny task of recovering the case. But the team, led by an ex-CIA agent, mistrusts one another. Can they accomplish their mission? Details
Runaway Bride 1999 116 mins Comedy; Romance Garry Marshall Julia Roberts; Richard Gere; Joan Cusack; Hector Elizondo; Rita Wilson; Paul Dooley; Christopher Meloni; Donal Logue; Reg Rogers; Yul Vazquez; Jane Morris; Lisa Roberts; Kathleen Marshall; Jean Schertler; Tom Hines Ike Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. This time, a drunken man in his favourite bar tells Ike about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who always flees from her grooms in the last possible moment. Ike, who does not have the best opinion about females anyway, writes an offensive column without researching the subject thoroughly. Details
Runaway Jury 2003 127 mins Drama; Thriller Gary Fleder John Cusack; Rachel Weisz; Gene Hackman; Dustin Hoffman; Bruce McGill; Stanley Anderson; Jeremy Piven; Nick Searcy; Cliff Curtis; Bruce Davison; Melora Walters; Nestor Serrano; Leland Orser A juror on the inside and a woman on the outside manipulate a court trial involving a major gun manufacturer. Details
The Rundown 2003 104 mins Comedy; Adventure; Horror; Action Peter Berg Dwayne Johnson; Seann William Scott; Rosario Dawson; Ewen Bremner; Christopher Walken; Jon Gries; Dennis Keiffer; William Lucking; Ernie Reyes Jr.; Stuart F. Wilson; Garrett Warren; Arnold Schwarzenegger When Travis, the mouthy son of a criminal, disappears in the Amazon in search of a treasured artifact, his father sends in Beck, who becomes Travis's rival for the affections of Mariana, a mysterious Brazilian woman. With his steely disposition, Beck is a man of few words -- but it takes him all the discipline he can muster to work with Travis to nab a tyrant who's after the same treasure. Details
Rush Hour 1998 97 mins Comedy; Action Brett Ratner Jackie Chan; Chris Tucker; Chris Penn; Tom Wilkinson; Ken Leung; Tzi Ma; Julia Hsu; Elizabeth Pena When Hong Kong Inspector Lee is summoned to Los Angeles to investigate a kidnapping, the FBI doesn't want any outside help and assigns cocky LAPD Detective James Carter to distract Lee from the case. Not content to watch the action from the sidelines, Lee and Carter form an unlikely partnership and investigate the case themselves. Details
Rv 2006 98 mins Comedy; Adventure; Family; Music Barry Sonnenfeld Robin Williams; Cheryl Hines; Josh Hutcherson; Jeff Daniels; Kristin Chenoweth; Hunter Parrish; Chloe Sonnenfeld; Alex Ferris; Will Arnett; Jo Jo Climbing aboard their mammoth recreational vehicle for a cross-country road trip to the Colorado Rockies, the McNeive family -- led by dysfunctional patriarch Bob -- prepares for the adventure of a lifetime. But spending two weeks together in one seriously small space has a way of cramping their style. Details

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