Chuck's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Actor Plot  
Baby Geniuses 1999 97 mins Comedy; Family Bob Clark Kathleen Turner; Christopher Lloyd; Kim Cattrall; Peter MacNicol; Dom DeLuise; Ruby Dee; Kyle Howard; Kaye Ballard; Leo Fitzgerald; Myles Fitzgerald Scientist hold talking, super-intelligent babies captive, but things take a turn for the worse when a mix-up occurs between a baby genius and its twin. Details
Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever 2002 91 mins Adventure; Thriller; Action Wych Kaosayananda Antonio Banderas; Lucy Liu; Gregg Henry; Ray Park; Talisa Soto; Miguel Sandoval; Terry Chen; Roger R. Cross; Sandrine Holt; Steve Bacic; Aidan Drummond; Eric Breker; Tony Alcantar Jonathan Ecks, an FBI agent, realizes that he must join with his lifelong enemy, Agent Sever, a rogue DIA agent with whom he is in mortal combat, in order to defeat a common enemy. That enemy has developed a "micro-device" that can be injected into victims in order to kill them at will. Details
Balls Of Fury 2007 90 mins Comedy; Sports; Crime; Action Robert Ben Garant Dan Fogler; Christopher Walken; George Lopez; Maggie Q; James Hong; Terry Crews; Robert Patrick; Diedrich Bader; Aisha Tyler; Thomas Lennon Randy Daytona was a child ping pong prodigy who lost his chance at Olympic gold when his father is murdered by the mysterious Feng over a gambling debt. 15yrs later he's down on his luck and scraping a living doing seedy back room shows in Vegas; when the FBI turn up and ask for his help to take down Feng... who just happens to love Ping Pong. Details
Bambi 1942 70 mins Animation; Drama; Family; Children David Hand Hardie Albright; Stan Alexander; Peter Behn; Thelma Boardman; Marion Darlington; Tim Davis The animated story of Bambi, a young deer hailed as the 'Prince of the Forest' at his birth. As Bambi grows, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, learns the skills needed to survive, and even finds love. One day, however, the hunters come, and Bambi must learn to be as brave as his father if he is to lead the other deer to safety. Details
The Bank Job 2008 110 mins Thriller; Crime; Action Roger Donaldson Jason Statham; Saffron Burrows; Stephen Campbell Moore; Daniel Mays; James Faulkner; Alki David; Michael Jibson; Richard Lintern; Don Gallagher; David Suchet; Kasey Baterip; Peter Bowles; Andrew Brooke; Trevor Byfield; Rufus Dean Martine offers Terry a lead on a foolproof bank hit on London's Baker Street. She targets a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in cash and jewelry. But Terry and his crew don't realize the boxes also contain a treasure trove of dirty secrets - secrets that will thrust them into a deadly web of corruption and illicit scandal. Details
Batman Begins 2005 140 mins Adventure; Games; Crime; Action Christopher Nolan Christian Bale; Morgan Freeman; Michael Caine; Liam Neeson; Katie Holmes; Gary Oldman; Cillian Murphy; Tom Wilkinson; Rutger Hauer; Ken Watanabe; Linus Roache; Mark Boone Junior Following his parents' brutal murder, Bruce Wayne trains with a skilled ninja and returns to Gotham City, only to find it overrun with crime and corruption. But after discovering a cave under Wayne Manor, Bruce assumes a new identity. Details
Batman Begins 2005 140 mins Adventure; Games; Crime; Action Christopher Nolan Christian Bale; Morgan Freeman; Michael Caine; Liam Neeson; Katie Holmes; Gary Oldman; Cillian Murphy; Tom Wilkinson; Rutger Hauer; Ken Watanabe; Linus Roache; Mark Boone Junior Following his parents' brutal murder, Bruce Wayne trains with a skilled ninja and returns to Gotham City, only to find it overrun with crime and corruption. But after discovering a cave under Wayne Manor, Bruce assumes a new identity. Details
Batteries Not Included 1987 107 mins Comedy; Family; Science Fiction; Fantasy Matthew Robbins Jessica Tandy; Frank McRae; Hume Cronyn; Elizabeth Pena; Michael Carmine; Dennis Boutsikaris; Tom Aldredge; Jane Hoffman; John DiSanti; John Pankow In a soon to be demolished block of apartments, the residents resist the criminal methods used to force them to leave so a greedy tycoon can build his new skyscraper. When tiny mechanical aliens land for a recharge, they decide to stay and help out. Details
Beautiful Thing 1996 90 mins Comedy; Drama; Romance Hettie MacDonald Glen Berry; Linda Henry; Steven M. Martin; Scott Neal; Meera Syal; Martin Walsh; Tameka Empson; Andrew Fraser; Ben Daniels A pair of teenage boys growing up in a working-class neighborhood become aware of their homosexuality. While both were vaguely aware they might be gay, neither had ever acted on their impulses. Once they decide that they're attracted to each other, neither is sure just what to do. Details
Bedtime Stories 2008 99 mins Comedy; Drama; Family; Horror; Fantasy; Late Night Adam Shankman Adam Sandler; Keri Russell; Guy Pearce; Russell Brand; Richard Griffiths; Teresa Palmer; Lucy Lawless; Courteney Cox; Jonathan Morgan Heit; Laura Ann Kesling; Jonathan Pryce; Nick Swardson; Kathryn Joosten; Allen Covert; Carmen Electra A family comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true. Details
The Benchwarmers 2006 85 mins Comedy; Sports Dennis Dugan Rob Schneider; David Spade; Jon Heder; Jon Lovitz; Craig Kilborn; Molly Sims; Tim Meadows; Nick Swardson; Erinn Bartlett; Amaury Nolasco A trio of guys try and make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three-player baseball team to compete against standard little league squads. Details
Best Defense 1984 94 mins Comedy; War; Action Willard Huyck Dudley Moore; Eddie Murphy; Kate Capshaw; George Dzundza; Helen Shaver; Mark Arnott; Peter Michael Goetz; Tom Noonan; David Rasche; Paul Comi; Darryl Henriques; Joel Polis; John A. Zee; Matthew Laurance; Christopher Maher Wylie is a lazy engineer. Landry is a Sergeant specialising in Armour. They have never met but their lives become entangled when Landry must take the tank Wylie designed into combat. Wylie is waiting for his employer to go out of business when he meets another engineer who gives him a disk with the plans for a system that will save his employer. The other engineer is dead moments later leaving Wylie with the disk and credit for the design. Suddenly Wylie is no longer a hack, but the saviour of his company and finds his life is no longer the same. Details
The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas 1982 114 mins Comedy; Musical Colin Higgins Burt Reynolds; Dolly Parton; Dom DeLuise; Charles Durning; Jim Nabors; Robert Mandan; Lois Nettleton; Theresa Merritt; Noah Beery Jr. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is a musical with a book by Texas author Larry L. King and Peter Masterson. It is based on a story by King that was inspired by the real-life Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas. Reynolds is the local sheriff who is more interested in keeping the town's most popular business open than carrying out the letter of the law.Parton is the whorehouse madame who also happens to hold the sheriff's interest.It is the late 1970s, a brothel that has been operating outside of fictional Gilbert, Texas for more than a century. It is under the proprietorship of Miss Mona Stangley, having been left to her by the original owner. While taking care of her girls, she is also on good terms with the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd. When crusading television reporter Melvin P. Thorpe (based on real-life Houston news personality Marvin Zindler) decides to make the illegal activity an issue, political ramifications cause the place to be closed down. Details
Bewitched 2005 102 mins Comedy; Fantasy; Romance Nora Ephron Nicole Kidman; Will Ferrell; David Alan Grier; Heather Burns; Michael Caine; Kristin Chenoweth; Stephen Colbert; Shirley MacLaine; Jason Schwartzman; Jim Turner Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic show "Bewitched". Details
Bewitched: Season 1 1964 917 mins Comedy; Family; Fantasy Ida Lupino; Bruce Bilson Elizabeth Montgomery; Dick York; Dick Sargent; Agnes Moorehead; George Tobias; David White; Erin Murphy; Diane Murphy; David Lawrence; Greg Lawrence The long-running ABC sitcom Bewitched starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens, a pert, perky, suburban housewife who happened to be a genuine witch, with all the usual magical powers. Samantha was married to Darrin Stephens (played during the first five seasons by Dick York, and in the final three seasons by Dick Sargent), a rising young advertising executive who worked at the New York firm of McMahon and Tate. A mere mortal, Darrin insisted that Samantha -- or "Sam," as he called her -- behave like an ordinary human being, and that she keep her witchcraft under wraps at all times. Sam tried her best to oblige, but the situations occurring in the course of the series invariably required her to cast a few spells and chant a few incantations to get her husband or herself out of jams. Details
Bicentennial Man 1999 131 mins Drama; Science Fiction; Romance Chris Columbus Robin Williams; Embeth Davidtz; Sam Neill; Wendy Crewson; Angela Landis; Oliver Platt; Kiersten Warren; Hallie Kate Eisenberg; Lindze Letherman; John Michael Higgins In the not so distant future, androids are owned as household servants. Andrew, is an extraordinary robot who exhibits emotional and creative characteristics that were never expected of him. Over a period of 200 years he evolves far beyond his initial design. Details
Big Daddy 1999 93 mins Comedy Dennis Dugan Adam Sandler; Joey Lauren Adams; Jon Stewart; Cole Sprouse; Dylan Sprouse; Josh Mostel; Leslie Mann; Allen Covert; Rob Schneider; Kristy Swanson Layla Maloney is fed up with boyfriend Sonny Koufax's perpetual loafing, so when 5-year-old Julian is left on Sonny's doorstep, he assumes a fatherly role to prove he's responsible and to win Layla's love. Trouble is, Sonny has grown attached to the kid, who's really the son of his out-of-town roommate. Details
Bill Engvall: Here's Your Sign 2004 72 mins Comedy; Documentary Ellen Brown Bill Engvall; Rosie O'Donnell Southern humor kind Bill Engvall, of the White Collar tours fame, is back once again with new and old stand up comedy routines to please everyone, including his now famous 'Here's Your Sign" tribute to common stupidity. No one is above becoming a target, including Engvall himself! Drawing on the absurdity of the modern life, on relationship issues and other events from his own experience, Bill Engvall remains a master comedian. While the material does not include rude or profane contents, it is best limited to a mature audience. Details
Billy Jack 1971 114 mins Drama; Action; Martial Arts Tom Laughlin Clark Howat; Tom Laughlin; Delores Taylor; Victor Izay; Julie Webb; Debbie Schock; Teresa Kelly; Lynn Baker; Stan Rice; David Roya Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert "freedom school" for runaway. Details
Billy Jack Goes To Washington 1977 155 mins Drama; Adventure; Action T.C. Frank; Tom Laughlin Lucie Arnaz; Tom Laughlin; E.G. Marshall; Suzanne Somers; Delores Taylor; Sherri Ackerman; Bill Balance; Sharon Benyakar; Carla Borelli; Stanley Brock; Cheré Bryson; Larry Carroll; Alison Coutts; Ron Cummins; Susan Friedman After a senator suddenly dies after completing (and sealing) an investigation into the nuclear power industry, the remaining senator and the state governor must decide on a person who will play along with their shady deals and not cause any problems. They decide on Billy Jack, currently sitting in prison after being sent to jail at the end of his previous film, as they don't expect him to be capable of much, and they think he will attract young voters to the party. Details
Billy Joel: Essential Video Collection 2001 105 mins Music Howard Deutch; Steve Cohen Billy Joel; Christie Brinkley; Ray Charles; Rodney Dangerfield; Joe Piscopo Details
Billy Joel: Greatest Hits #3: The Videos 1997 80 mins Music Howard Deutch; Andrew Morahan Billy Joel; Ray Charles Details
Billy Madison 1995 89 mins Comedy; Adventure Tamra Davis Adam Sandler; Norm MacDonald; Mark Beltzman; Darren McGavin; Josh Mostel; Bradley Whitford; Bridgette Wilson; Larry Hankin; Theresa Merritt; Dina Platias; Jack Mather Billy Madison is the 27 year-old son of Bryan Madison, a very rich man who has made his living in the hotel industry. Billy stands to inherit his father's empire but only if he can make it through all 12 grades, 2 weeks per grade, to prove that he has what it takes to run the family business. Details
Bird On A Wire 1990 110 mins Comedy; Drama; Action John Badham Mel Gibson; Goldie Hawn; Bill Duke; David Carradine; Joan Severance; Stephen Tobolowsky; Alex Bruhanski; Harry Caesar; Jeff Corey; John Pyper-Ferguson A FBI informant has kept his new identity secret for 15 years, now an old flame has recognised him and the bad guys are back for revenge. Details
The Birdcage 1996 117 mins Comedy; Drama; Music Mike Nichols Gene Hackman; Robin Williams; Hank Azaria; Christine Baranski; Calista Flockhart; Dan Futterman; Nathan Lane; Dianne Wiest; James Lally; Tom McGowan; Kirby Mitchell; Luca Tommassini A gay cabaret owner and his drag queen companion agree to put up a false straight front so that their son can introduce them to his fiancé's right-wing moralistic parents. Details
Blade 1998 120 mins Adventure; Horror; Thriller; Action Stephen Norrington Wesley Snipes; Stephen Dorff; Kris Kristofferson; Donal Logue; N'Bushe Wright; Udo Kier; Arly Jover; Traci Lords; Devon Sawa; Kevin Patrick Walls; Sanaa Lathan; Tim Guinee; Eric Edwards When Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, she did not know that she gave her son a special gift while dying: All the good vampire attributes in combination with the best human skills. Blade and his mentor Whistler battle an evil vampire rebel (Deacon Frost) who plans to take over the outdated vampire council, capture Blade and resurrect voracious blood god La Magra. Details
Blades Of Glory 2007 93 mins Comedy; Sports Josh Gordon; Will Speck Will Ferrell; Jon Heder; Will Arnett; Amy Poehler; Jenna Fischer; William Fichtner; Craig T. Nelson; Romany Malco; Nick Swardson When a much-publicized ice-skating scandal strips them of their gold medals, two world-class athletes skirt their way back onto the ice via a loophole that allows them to compete together -- as a pairs team. Details
Blown Away 1994 121 mins Adventure; Thriller; Action Stephen Hopkins Jeff Bridges; Tommy Lee Jones; Suzy Amis; Lloyd Bridges; Forest Whitaker; Stephi Lineburg Blown Away tells the story of Jimmy Dove who works for the Boston bomb squad. Shortly after Dove leaves the force his partner is killed by a bomb that Dove thinks might have been made by someone he knows. Details
The Blues Brothers 1980 141 mins Comedy; Musical; Action John Landis Dan Aykroyd; John Candy; John Belushi; James Brown; Cab Calloway; Ray Charles; Aretha Franklin; Steve Cropper; Donald Dunn; Murphy Dunne; Willie Hall; Tom Malone; Lou Marini; Matt Murphy; Alan Rubin Direct out of jail, Jake Blues and his Brother Elwood are off on a “mission from god” to raise funds for the orphanage in which they grew up. The only thing they can do is do what they do best: play music. So they get their old band together and they're on their way yet not without getting in a bit of trouble here and there. Details
Bolt 2008 89 mins Animation; Comedy; Family Chris Williams; Byron Howard John Travolta; Miley Cyrus; Susie Essman; Mark Walton; Malcolm McDowell; James Lipton; Greg Germann; Diedrich Bader; Nick Swardson; J.P. Manoux; Dan Fogelman; Kari Wahlgren; Chloe Moretz; Randy Savage; Ronn Moss Bolt is the star of the biggest show in Hollywood. The only problem is, he thinks the whole thing is real. When the super dog is accidentally shipped to New York City and separated from Penny, his beloved co-star and owner, Bolt springs into action to find his way home. Together with hilarious new sidekick Rhino, Bolt's #1 fan, and a street-smart cat named Mittens, Bolt sets off on an amazing journey where he discovers he doesn't need super powers to be a hero. Details
Born Losers 1967 113 mins Drama; Thriller; Action T.C. Frank; Tom Laughlin Tom Laughlin; Elizabeth James; Jeremy Slate; William Wellman Jr.; Jack Starrett; Paul Bruce; Robert Cleaves; Paul Prokop; Robert Tessier; Jeff Cooper; Stuart Lancaster; Anne Bellamy; Gordon Hoban; Susan Foster; Janice Miller A ruthless motorcycle gang rides into a California town and terrorizes its denizens. Details
The Bourne Identity 2002 118 mins Thriller; Mystery; Action Doug Liman Matt Damon; Franka Potente; Chris Cooper; Clive Owen; Brian Cox; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje; Gabriel Mann; Walton Goggins; Josh Hamilton; Julia Stiles; Orso Maria Guerrini; Tim Dutton; Denis Braccini; Nicky Naude; David Selburg Wounded to the brink of death and suffering from amnesia, Jason Bourne is rescued at sea by a fisherman. With nothing to go on but a Swiss bank account number, he starts to reconstruct his life, but finds that many people he encounters want him dead. Bourne realizes, though, that he has the combat and mental skills of a world-class spy, but who does he work for? Details
The Bourne Supremacy 2004 108 mins Thriller; Action Paul Greengrass Matt Damon; Brian Cox; Marton Csokas; Joan Allen; Gabriel Mann; Franka Potente; Julia Stiles; Karl Urban; Tom Gallop; Oksana Akinshina; Tomas Arana; John Bedford Lloyd; Tim Griffin; Maxim Kovalevski; Michelle Monaghan When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent, who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne and Marie have been living. The pair run for their lives and Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive. Details
Boy Meets Grill With Bobby Flay: Allstyle Grilling Cooking Details
Boys Don't Cry 1999 118 mins Drama; Romance; Crime; Foreign Kimberly Peirce Hilary Swank; Chloë Sevigny; Rob Campbell; Alison Folland; Alicia Goranson; Matt McGrath; Peter Sarsgaard; Brendan Sexton III; Cheyenne Rushing Boys Don’t Cry is a multi-award winning drama about identity and love. The film tells the true story of Brandon Teena, a man who lives in a woman’s body who was at the age of 21 was raped and murdered. Details
Bridge To Terabithia 2007 95 mins Adventure; Family; Fantasy; Action Gabor Csupo Josh Hutcherson; Annasophia Robb; Zooey Deschanel; Robert Patrick; Bailee Madison; Katrina Cerio; Devon Wood; Emma Fenton; Grace Brannigan; Latham Gaines; Kate Butler; Judy McIntosh; Lauren Clinton; Isabelle Rose Kircher; Cameron Wakefield New classmate Leslie Burke unlocks a mesmerizing world of fantasy and imagination for fifth-grader Jesse Aaron in this magical adventure. The two outcasts, who are rivals at first, eventually become friends and create the make-believe kingdom of Terabithia, where they reign supreme and plot vengeance against school bullies. Details
Brokeback Mountain 2005 134 mins Drama; Western; Romance Ang Lee Heath Ledger; Jake Gyllenhaal; Randy Quaid; Anne Hathaway; Michelle Williams; Graham Beckel; David Harbour; Peter McRobbie; Anna Faris; Linda Cardellini; Roberta Maxwell; Scott Michael Campbell; Marty Antonini Brokeback Mountain is an Ang Lee film about two modern day cowboys who meet on a shepherding job in the summer of ’63. The two share a raw and powerful summer together that turns into a life long relationship conflicting with the lives they are supposed to live. Details
Broken Arrow 1996 108 mins Adventure; Thriller; Action John Woo Christian Slater; Bob Gunton; John Travolta; Delroy Lindo; Howie Long; Samantha Mathis; Frank Whaley; Vondie Curtis-Hall; Jack Thompson; Vyto Ruginis; Carmen Argenziano; Casey Biggs; Joey Box; Charlie Brewer; Vince Deadrick Sr. When rogue stealth-fighter pilot Vic Deakins deliberately drops off the radar while on maneuvers, the Air Force ends up with two stolen nuclear warheads -- and Deakins's co-pilot, Riley Hale, is the military's only hope for getting them back. Traversing the deserted canyons of Utah, Hale teams with park ranger Terry Carmichael to put Deakins back in his box. Details
The Brothers Grimm 2005 118 mins Adventure; Horror; Fantasy; Action Terry Gilliam Petr Ratimec; Barbora Lukesová; Anna Rust; Jeremy Robson; Matt Damon; Heath Ledger; Radim Kalvoda; Martin Hofmann; Josef Pepa Nos; Harry Gilliam; Miroslav Táborský; Roger Ashton-Griffiths; Marika Sarah Procházková; Mackenzie Crook; Richard Ridings Folklore collectors and con artists, Jake and Will Grimm, travel from village to village pretending to protect townsfolk from enchanted creatures and performing exorcisms. They are put to the test, however, when they encounter a real magical curse in a haunted forest with real magical beings, requiring genuine courage. Details
Bruce Almighty 2003 101 mins Comedy; Fantasy; Romance Tom Shadyac Jim Carrey; Jennifer Aniston; Catherine Bell; Nora Dunn; Morgan Freeman; Philip Baker Hall; Lisa Ann Walter; Steve Carell; Tony Bennett; Sally Kirkland; Eddie Jemison; Paul Satterfield Bruce Nolan toils as a "human interest" television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y. Despite his high ratings and the love of his beautiful girlfriend, Grace, Bruce remains unfulfilled. At the end of the worst day in his life, he angrily ridicules God -- and the Almighty responds, endowing Bruce with all of His divine powers. Details
Bulletproof 1996 84 mins Comedy; Adventure; Crime; Action Ernest R. Dickerson Damon Wayans; Adam Sandler; James Caan; Jeep Swenson; James Farentino; Kristen Wilson; Larry McCoy; Allen Covert; Bill Nunn; Mark Roberts An undercover police officer named Rock Keats befriends a drug dealer and car thief named Archie Moses in a bid to catch the villainous drug lord Frank Coltan. But the only problem is that Keats is a cop, his real name is Jack Carter, and he is working undercover with the LAPD to bust Moses and Colton at a sting operation the LAPD has set up. Details
The Butterfly Effect 2004 113 mins Music; Science Fiction; Fantasy; Thriller J. Mackye Gruber; Eric Bress Ashton Kutcher; Amy Smart; Melora Walters; Irene Gorovaia; Elden Henson; Jesse James; Eric Stoltz; Callum Keith Rennie; William Lee Scott; Lorena Gale; Logan Lerman; Ethan Suplee; John Patrick Amedori; Kevin Schmidt; Nathaniel de Veaux A young man blocks out harmful memories of significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life. Details

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