Chuck's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Actor Plot  
Ultimate Dvd Home Theater Fine Tuning Made Simple 2005 68 mins Special Interest Details
United 93 2006 90 mins Drama; Thriller; Action; History Paul Greengrass Christian Clemenson; JJ Johnson; Polly Adams; Opal Alladin; Starla Benford; Trish Gates; Nancy McDoniel; David Alan Basche; Richard Bekins; Susan Blommaert A real time account of the events on United Flight 93, one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania when passengers foiled the terrorist plot. Details
Up 2009 96 mins Animation; Adventure; Action Bob Peterson; Pete Docter Edward Asner; Christopher Plummer; Jordan Nagai; Bob Peterson; Delroy Lindo; Jerome Ranft; John Ratzenberger; David Kaye; Elie Docter; Jeremy Leary; Mickie McGowan; Danny Mann; Donald Fullilove; Jess Harnell; Josh Cooley After a lifetime of dreaming of traveling the world, 78-year-old homebody Carl flies away on an unbelievable adventure with Russell, an 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer, unexpectedly in tow. Together, the unlikely pair embarks on a thrilling odyssey full of jungle beasts and rough terrain. Details

3/30/2013 6:36:11 PM